Your perspective of a situation should include another's perception of your actions. Maintaining objectivity is difficult, but not impossible! The first step to solving a problem, is identifying that one exists.

Critical Thinking

Curious as to the working thought process as I tackle problems and work through issues? Using a form of the Scientific Method and rationalization I apply critical thinking skills to help me find a resolution. These articles talk about these skills in depth.

Critical Thinking, Rule 2 – Scaling against the Three Truths

As we discussed in the previous article in this series, the first step in the critical thinking process is to identify the situation and gather... Read More "Critical Thinking, Rule 2 – Scaling against the Three Truths"

Critical Thinking, Rule 1 – Identify the situation

In the last Critical Thinking article, I jumped around from discussing what I believe my strongest skill is, to discussing critical thinking and being able... Read More "Critical Thinking, Rule 1 – Identify the situation"

Critical Thinking, Skill or Talent?

Critical Thinking is an important and useful skill like all others, with some effort and reframing of your mindset, it is a skill that can be taught and nurtured. Read More "Critical Thinking, Skill or Talent?"

A way of life

Leadership is not a skill to be used by specific people, nor is it a skill that gets used in specific circumstances. It's a way of life that when followed will be more rewarding than you can imagine. A way of life that can help you and those around you in whatever role you find yourself in.

The Declared Racism of AI

I was sent this article by a good friend of mine, as a reference to speak towards how ChatGPT is racist. The Future of AI... Read More "The Declared Racism of AI"

Client? Vendor? … Partner?

In a previous post Duality. Maintaining perspective I wrote about being cognizant of the fact that your vendors are just like you when you service... Read More "Client? Vendor? … Partner?"

Finger Pointing vs Holding Hands

As people, we can learn a great deal from how technology operates. Technology is given a purpose and power and then trusted to do its... Read More "Finger Pointing vs Holding Hands"

Expectations, hit or miss?

Setting expectations is probably one of the most widely acknowledged steps that needs to be performed for proper relationship management. In the case of Client... Read More "Expectations, hit or miss?"

Perspective vs Perception

An About You Page “You’re wrong.” The mind is an amazing and tricky thing. Staying objective in a situation you’re directly involved in is extremely... Read More "Perspective vs Perception"

The Chain of Life

Let's look at how an assembly line works. Each person (assembler) in an assembly line has a specific task that they're required to complete for the... Read More "The Chain of Life"

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